September 26, 2006

Where is the outrage?

“At a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” —George Orwell.

From 42:
Ariel Dorfman in the Wa-Po:

Can’t the United States see that when we allow someone to be tortured by our agents, it is not only the victim and the perpetrator who are corrupted, not only the “intelligence” that is contaminated, but also everyone who looked away and said they did not know, everyone who consented tacitly to that outrage so they could sleep a little safer at night, all the citizens who did not march in the streets by the millions to demand the resignation of whoever suggested, even whispered, that torture is inevitable in our day and age, that we must embrace its darkness?

Are we so morally sick, so deaf and dumb and blind, that we do not understand this? Are we so fearful, so in love with our own security and steeped in our own pain, that we are really willing to let people be tortured in the name of America? Have we so lost our bearings that we do not realize that each of us could be that hapless Argentine who sat under the Santiago sun, so possessed by the evil done to him that he could not stop shivering?
Not much else to say about that, is there?


BBC said...

Bah... It's all those fucking monkeys we live with, brainwashing otherwise good souls.

BBC said...

Contaminating them with the monkey shit that comes out of their mouths.

azgoddess said...

rome my friend rome...

i remember a saying -- if you can't remember history - you are doomed to repeat it

i fear we are already past the turn around point

BBC said...

That is true Az, but we are going to put history behind us and come at this from a different direction. We are going to get these monkeys in line once and for all so that you gentle souls can have peaceful lives here.

We are in Rome in a way, but when the idiot Romans moved here they din't know that Jesus came with them, and is rising again. Hugs.

azgoddess said...

another word for you -- TV

millions of stations

man, it should be free instead of charging people hundreds of dollars a month...for what they're using it for

but maybe that is part of the psychology

if they gave it for free, people would be suspicious as to what they really are doing...

get people weaned off of TV

and we would have our minds and souls back

instead of trying to figure out how to buy the next latest and greatest
things that TV is trying to make us buy