September 13, 2006

Going to Church

Ok, those of you that know me can stop laughing. I'm not talking about Church run by the capitalist religions we have in the U.S. Those people know nothing of spirituality, their church is a place they can gather people, tell them what they want to hear, and empty their pockets. One church here in Montgomery actually tracks how much you attend and how much you give. "Satan is laughing with delight" Satan being a metaphor for the opposite G-d, or those that destroy life and and make life miserable for those who want to be spiritual.

Ok, now that I got my rant off, I can get back to the original purpose of today's post.

I went to church yesterday. It was an eight mile run in pouring rain. It was very good. I was soooo high and felt spiritually cleansed. The planet was giving it's love. I started out just going for a walk in the drizzle, and it started raining harder and the wind started to blow, so I started running to keep from getting chilled. Once I start running and I can stay nice and cool, I can run for a long time. The rain energizes me. I can keep going and going and going..... The euphoria from a long run is incredibly stimulating and quite addicting. No poisonous chemicals, just all natural high, one that comes from within yourself. Yes, it fuels the libido also. Too bad all the females runners were inside on treadmills watching Oprah make love to a warm Krispy Kreme Doughnut. Uh-oh, I'm starting to rant again.... (another story for another time).

Running isn't a religion, but it can feel like one sometimes, and only runners can know what I mean. The late great running philosopher George Sheehan M.D., author of "Running & Being", once said that his wife tells people "My husband used to be a Methodist. Now he's a runner". Running is a place to get away from your worries and crisises. A place to commune with nature, with G-d and yourself, a place for psychological and spiritual renewal. A church is not defined by a building (and G-d is not defined by a book, blah, blah, blah). It is a place where people of shared beliefs gather to connect with themselves, those around them, and give thanks for the blessings the universe is sharing with them. The roads and trails are my church, sometimes the church is full, sometimes I'm the only one in attendance, it doesn't matter. I reflect, I dream, I meditate, and I give thanks.

To paraphrase George Sheehan, "(This) glimpse of heaven is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime."


Cyndy Lu Who said...

I find running hurts me b/c of the foot impact. But it's fun in short spurts. :)

BBC said...

Nice church you have there, the whole outdoors. It's why I go to the hot springs, very spiritual there. But I can't run anymore, and have no desire to, the walk is part of the journey there.

It's even better when I can talk others into going with me so we can talk and reflect on the way.

I think you should run to NM or AZ.

azgoddess said...

going to church eh

well, my church is my garden..

a garden you say, in a desert?

why yes, a very beautiful garden...filled with things from the desert and then some

and about those voices...yes, i do hate it when they start

Cyndy Lu Who said...

I've got some succulents in my garden, and they're so pretty. Sometimes the plants talk to me. They say ,"Hey lady– howsabout some water– we're dryin' up over here." They have funny, high-pitched voices. LOL!