November 5, 2006

Band Aid

My weekends are usually set around some kind of running event, if I'm not off somewhere hiking. I usually try to find some worthwhile cause, or popular event, just to be around people who are like me, addicted to running.

Yesterday I went and participated at a run to raise money for a High School band, the High school was way out in the country. When you get out of the city of Montgomery and into the Alabama back country, you meet folks that treat you like they're your best friends just minutes after meeting them. I love those people, and their southern accent is so wonderful, I love talking to them just to hear them speak. Old and young, no matter the race, all are just extremely pleasant people. Contrary to popular myth, those back country folk ain't so dumb. They might act or speak like they don't have good schoolin', but they are very clever, these are the people I want on my side. I thank the folks from Beulah High School, Beulah, Alabama, for an enjoyable Saturday.

If you have a chance to vote on funding for public education, please vote to raise it, wherever we can. Public Education is incredibly underfunded, and the U.S. pays such low taxes. It doesn't matter if you have kids in the public schools or not, everyone in the community benefits from well-educated young people. These are the people that are going to be in charge when we get older, the doctors, lawyers, politicians, technicians, and educators. I want them to have a chance to the best education they can get. In the U.S. we have become too self-centered. Just because you pay for your kid to go to some "academy", doesn't mean you have to ignore the education of the rest of the children. Even if you have no kids, and never plan to have any, you still benefit from a well-educated public.

For your Sunday Spiritualism: Skidboot, the Amazing Dog

P.S. Skidboot's owner is just like those wonderful country folk I met at Saturday's run.


eternity said...

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niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Well, looky here, it's eternity You see what I mean BBC?

It's just spam.

BSB said...

I work in a private school and the parents must pay to send them there. I cannot say that the students at our school will turn out better.

It our public system the kids can also get a good education if they choose to follow the right crowd and to focus on their studies.

I've been to university and let me tell you that there are many idiots walking those halls.

If a student decided to take a trade instead of going on to university, I'm all for it. It's what the teenager wants and I would never push someone to go on to uni.

One year I had a student who absolutely loved the arts!! It was her passion but her mother absolutely didn't want her daughter to study that.. of course NOT she wanted her daughter to go on to university. You can be certain that I told the mother and some times I wonder about my student if she followed her dream.

Give the child the opportunity to go to uni. if it's their choice, if not, there are many many good people out there earning a decent living and doing what they love.. and it's not necessarily a higher level of education and it's all good anyway...

I'm not surprised tha the people in back country are wonderful but I agree that they need to have choices if they want a higher level of education.. ;-)

BBC said...

That's right, Nick, us country hicks aren't a dumb as others think we are. And we are more trusting. We often pay for that of course.

Nice post, have a great week friend.

azgoddess said...

love your post..and also love country folks...they are so creative and friendly - like you said ~ now if we could just get them to vote more..

and pat on the back for you -- it's nice that you go and support causes in the name of running...