November 23, 2006


Here it is, Thanksgiving. The beginning of the "holidays". I enjoy Thanksgiving, because we can show we are grateful for what we have. I don't make a big deal about going to some feast anymore, I'll be volunteering at a community center up in Birmingham to help with a run to raise money for the center and then feed some of the senior citizens the community center supports. I'm thankful I can help, it makes me feel better than the show of gluttony. As long as I can have a piece of pumpkin pie, I'm happy.

But then, comes the day after. What has become known as Black Friday in the U.S. It is aptly named. It is the beginning of the dark side of the holidays. The month log selfish, greedy consumerism before the wretched day of Christmas. What makes humans long for this abhorrant ritual, that for me, shows the dark side of the human? I'm hypocritical for sure. I went along with these rituals for years, to be accepted by our loved ones, to show friends we are "normal", to show ourselves that we can fit into "civilized" culture. A person can put up a false front for only so long. I know that most people think these same thoughts, but just go along with what our capitalist consumer based culture has brainwashed us to do. I have had enough of this CRAP.

What do I want? I don't want things. I want people to start living a life that creates, serves and protects life, all life, not just human. I want them to show respect for life by protecting the environment that is required for life to thrive. This season is about a man who taught us humility, not pride, is the right way to live. He taught us that we will be weak, but by knowing our weaknesses, we can build our strengthes to overcome these weaknesses. Anger and Vengeance are weaknesses, look at how it destroys us. (uh, niCk, get back on track).

How should we celebrate this season? First of all, for those that have plenty, they should be insulted by receiving more. When you have plenty, you share with those that don't. Loud, proud displays of roman origin should be erected by those that disagree with teachings of the man who this time is supposed to honor. We should give as much as we can, anonymously. To give, in order to seek confirmation of generosity, is just about pride, it is a weakness. Do not envy those who have things you don't have, enjoy the the fact the you are not burdened with more than you need. Work so that others may have the comfort you enjoy, so they may one day enjoy a life of charity. Work so that the comfort of sloth be replaced with the zeal to achieve an end to the need of consumer-driven events to fill the empty spaces of your lives. The lust for riches should be replaced with for craving for simplicity.

That's what I want. I want the darkness of the season to be filled with light.

darkness has a hunger that's insatiable
and lightness has a call that's hard to hear

Oh, while your out shopping for me, can you grab me some World Peace.

The graphic above was scraped from Fuzzy and Blue



BBC said...

Well, I'm going to get a dinner today, this is the only time of year that I look forward to the food.

As for the rest of it and the time until after the first of the year, I pay little attention to. Other than to fuss about it like you do.

I won't be doing any shopping for anyone so the money mongers will just have to squeeze my share out of some other sucker.

Have a great day Nick.. Hugs.

BSB said...

I must say that I enjoy giving but somestimes it's not always easy for me to receive. I do enjoy the fact that people think of me though and it's always nice for me. I'm not at that level as of yet.

I don't appreciate excess in any way. We do have a tendency to exagerate. Probably why I don't enjoy the holidays. Excess with money, food and booze. Can't stand that. I received the invitation for our school's annual Xmas party and it's just not for me. I'm not antisocial..I just don't do Xmas like everybody else does. I spend Xmas day with my family but I have a very hard time to deal with the excesses.

Today I cuddled Honey and I told her that I loved and appreciated her very much. She just looked at me with those beautiful eyes that made me fall in love with her. OK I'm weird.. lol The fact that I know it.. half the therapy is done.

Enjoy your thankxgiving Nick