November 25, 2006

Global Energy Shift

Coming Soon. Literally:

Just doing my part to publicize this worthwhile pursuit. I'm going to need a little help with my contribution.

Volunteers? (females only please)

Now for something to get you in the mood, an erotic web site that only shows faces: BeautifulAgony

I hope I made at least one person blush......



BBC said...

Yup... I need a Volunteer to do her part also. But complex men have trouble finding women that understand and appreciate them.

Soooo, I suppose I will go for a walk instead. Maybe go to the hot springs.

Have a great day Nick.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess we know what you've been up to lately... ;-)

I couldn't put that up on my site because it's G rated as you all know... LOL

BBC.. I'll be going for a walk with Honey I guess I must be too complex as well... oh well ... I keep saying that I'm God's gift to men but they're just too STUPID to notice... ;-)

On that happy note.. have a great day guys! xoxoxoxoxxo

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I know what it looks like I was doing when I found these links, but I actually foun the GlobalOrgasm link on several blogs that I read, so I thought I would help publicize this event. Anything for peace.

Then I thought it would be fun to show a picture of someone's face having an orgasm. It was hard to do a search that didn't return a bunch of "naughty" pcitures. Now I can't remember what I searched for, to find the right pics, but it lead me to this site.

Yeah, Yeah, that's it. That story sounds believeable, doesn't it? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Global Orgasm,eh?

I'm in.. ;-) 26 days left ...

Anything to be helpful.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Global Orgasm,eh?

I'm in.. ;-) 26 days left ...

Anything to be helpful.. ;-)

angry ballerina said...

HA! I have a screening process....Jk