November 27, 2006

Little Green Apples

I love little Granny Smith apples. Not the big ones that the grocery stores have on display, those taste like crap. I mean the small ones, crisp and tart. They are hard to find sometimes, usually the farmer's markets have them. Has anyone else noticed that they have seem to have taken the flavor out of Granny Smith apples by making them huge. I'm pissed because when I went to the store today they didn't have the little ones, only the huge ones. So I got a couple of those, and they taste like crap. No wonder kids don't want to eat fruit. They grow produce to make them look big and beautiful, but there is no flavor.

This summer I did a 10k run in Clanton Alabama, which is a rural farming community. It is the peach Capital of Alabama, and every year they have a peach Festival. There was a drought this year and the peaches were very small. Everyone who placed in the run got a basket of peaches along with their award. The peaches were very small, and people were making fun of them, but they were the best peaches I ever had. I had to go back the next week and get some more.


Minou in France said...

Supermarkets have dictated what the farmers produce for decades now, and this is the result, tasteless, but beautiful fruit. I have often bemoaned the loss of traditional and tasty apples in England which have been replaced by Golden Delicious (a misnomer and sad to say originated from France I believe) and other huge, watery concoctions. Bigger is not better in this case. We have replaced seasonal and regional specialities with anonymous fits-all-sizes fruit and vegetables available all year round and boring as hell. End of moan.

Things like the peaches festival should be celebrated everywhere with the regions best on display.

BBC said...

Hey, I don't get the 'labels' thing, it's just a link to your page. WTF?

Anyway, I don't know what my apple tree is other than it is a monster that I have to keep trimming back.

They are medium size and tasty. Helen has a different smaller tree and it makes hundreds of small ones. We just give most of them away.

Or feed them to the deer.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...


Labels are used to catgorize your posts. If you click the "food" label, it will take you to only my posts with that label.

It would be hard to put a label on most your posts ;-) My head gets dizzy reading your blog and you touch many subjects all at one time, nothing wrong with that, just hard to label.

Have fun in the snow, its going to be 78 here today.

pissed off patricia said...

sadly we don't have apple trees in Fla so all we get are market apples. I agree that the market produce is tasteless.
We do have oranges and strawberries and that's good enough for me. There is a strawberry festival in the middle of the state in Jan or Feb. At that time every hotel has tons of berries for shortcake any time you like. Talk about a dream!

HillCountryGal said...

There is a marvelous German town, Frederiskberg, about 45 minutes from us that has the absolutely best peaches ever. As you're driving into town, there are dozens of roadside fruit stands, all selling the most awesome peaches. I love 'em. And pears are my fave fruit. I love biting into them. It's like letting sugar melt on your tongue. Yum.

azgoddess said...

i love the fresh fruit at my farmers market

also, if there's a trader joes, sprouts or wild oats market in your area -- they have excellent selections for organic fruits and veggies

and yes, i'm sad the way they keep genetically engineering fruits and veggies to be bigger and better -- better NOT! don't they see they engineer all of the nutrients outta the apples

BSB said...

The best things in life come in very very small packages.. in order to fit fruit in...

I've never har a small Granny Smith apple... I don't eat them anymore because I don't like the testure. I'd rather go for the Royal Gala..those I like... but as a kid.. I loved GS... I guess I've out grown them... ;-)

Hope you're having a great day!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Hi bsb, az, pop, hillgal, bbc, minou

Yeah my tastes vary.

A year ago I loved fuji apples, and I galas have been a favorite of the past, but the small GS currently have my favor, I'm starting to like tartness in my fruits.

Who knows what will be my favorite next year. Luckily we have two farmer's markets in town, so finding the good stuff is easy if you plan right. I tried a little convenience, and was punished for it. Boy am I spoiled.

Hugs for all

Blueberry said...

Yo Nick. You've been tagged!

I like fuji, gala and braeburn. Haven't had a granny smith in awhile.

BSB said...

Am I ever looking forward in reading 6 weird things about you...

You've been tagged! HA!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...


BSB, There's nothing weird about me!

(hey, quit laughing)

BBC said...

I'm fruity with tartness in it. Nutty also. It's all good. LOL