November 20, 2006

Chili Weather

The weather has turned mighty cold, for Alabama that is. The official lows are in the 40's and its windy and the locals are pulling out the heavy winter clothes, caps and gloves. The talk at the office is the "artic" weather. I just laugh at them. I did have to turn my heater on for first time last night, and frost on my car window tells me it is at least in the 30's. So last night I decided to make my homemade black bean chili, and I'm eating it for the first time for lunch today. Homemade chili has to sit overnight before it is eaten, for the flavors to properly disperse. I'm a long way from being any type of chef, but I can cook chili. MMM MMM it is so good, I decided to blog about it.

Tonight I'm making this Dr Weil Banana Bread recipe for the office Thanksgiving Luncheon: Banana Bread


BBC said...

It's not bad here, 52.4 at noon. I've been thinking about getting out the crock pot for a batch of homemade soup. You can make it out of anything, it's all good.

I do have a recipe for French fry soup that I dreamed up, it's pretty good.

And banana bread is always good. Yesterday I bought a pumpkin pie and a cherry pie at Albertsons, Safeway over cooks their pies.

Helen eats a half a pie at a time, but she is 84 and skinny, so let have her little joy I say.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm the banana bread look absolutely delicious and it doesn't look at all like meatloaf.. ;-) I recognize this one

Chili.. I've had that once when I was in Maine. Canadians are not really into it..but I like it a lot... I'm sure your lunch must have been good.. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

BTW.. I can't wait to be at that age that I couldn't care less and eat a whole pie to myself.. ;-)

Blueberry said...

The banana bread recipe sounds great! It's even vegan except for the honey. I like honey, even though I know it's bee spit.

Our weather is high 30s/40s for low and right now around 75 for high, and dry as Wyoming. Nice! (except for needing rain)

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I've made that Banana Bread for the last 2 years, and people at the office love it. They don't know that its a "healthy" recipe, if they knew they wouldn't eat it. It's an Alabama thing, its got to be fried, loaded with butter, or have some type of pork for the locals to eat it.

What "honey" is not vegan? I never thought of it. Is sugar? Honey is certainly better for you than sugar, because it metabolizes slower.

azgoddess said...

i'd love to share in come of that chili...or maybe just the recipe - smile

Minou in France said...

Ummmm I love banana cake, I used to make it a lot, but with all the moving I've done, I haven't got back to baking as much as I used to.

It's about 50 here in the morning rising to 59 or so in the pm. There I was complaining in the summer of not being able to sleep at nights because of the heat - oh well.