November 10, 2006

The Friday Thing

I'm still busy recovering from being overworked this week. Today I have off, but I'm trying to catch up on all the chores I have ignored all week. I hope to have time to make a decent post this weekend. Saturday's looking kind of busy, also.

Over at bsb's blog, she trying to start an new annual observance.
I'm all for this: Go give someone a squeeze.

For the Friday post, I urge all of you strenghten your faith in Dog.

This week's spirituality book link:

If you were hoping to see a cute dog picture today, I don't have one. May I suggest on older of post of mine: Just let me sleep!



BBC said...

I think that everyday should be Hugs day. I get and give mine everyday.

Short crew for the friendship dinner tonight, I'm sore from trying to do the work of two people but we kept up with it all, even the dishes coming back.

Guess I will just relax tonight. So Nick, I know that I will have to someday, think it is okay to switch to the new Blogger now?

Minou said...

Oh to be appreciative like our dogs - they love you to bits and treat you like a long lost friend even though you've been away for just 10 minutes. I believe in dog.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

BBC, I haven't had any trouble with beta blogger recently, except for comments sometimes.

Check out the latest known issues:

BSB said...

Just love it!!!!

I'm going to get the "girls" I missed them this weekend even if I had a great time...

I'm squeezing you at the moment..can you feel the warmth?

BSB said...

ooppppss after reading my last sentence..sounds a little bit.. well you know.... please ... you know what I mean... ;-)