March 30, 2007

Want Some Candy?

Pam and Blueberry jumped on this story before I could.

Chocolate Jesus angers Catholics - Art work also dubbed "My Sweet Lord"

Thoughts when I read this story:

-- Would a vanilla Jesus be a little less controversial?

-- MMM, A tasty Eucharist this Sunday.

-- Do they have the George Harrison song playing in the background?

-- Any comments from New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin?

-- "Who can take a sunrise, Sprinkle it with dew.... " ♫♫♪

The statue is nude, or "No loincloth" the article states. Can you hear the Christians complaining of "Chocolate Jesus porn"? Who gets his -, uh, nevermind, I can't even believe my mind is going there.

Once, I had this odd shaped Peanut M&M in the image of the Virgin Mary. I think I heard angels singing in the background. I ate the M&M. The angels went quiet.

Hey, I was hungry and I love Peanut M&M's.


Smell the Love - Making Scents

A few weeks ago I tried to be clever and write about natural discrimination, from a dog's point a view. The post was titled It's Friday - Smell The Love. I thought those who read my posts would realize the point of the post was not about the odors that dogs love, but about how and why we discriminate. I assumed displaying a picture of a flat-coat retriever instead of the goldens I usually use for Friday's posts would send a clear signal. But judging by the comments, that post did not have the effect I intended.

Dogs interact with the world through their nose, humans with their eyes. It is natural for both animals to select mates, discriminate, and judge others by first impression, scent or sight. It is not "wrong" to react negatively to something that is unfamiliar or different from what one already knows. But dogs and humans should be evolved enough to know that first impressions aren't always correct, even positive ones. For humans, the best looking, most sexually appealing, aren't always the best choice for long-term relationships. When we choose by sight only, we will, most likely be dissappointed. There are always exceptions. Humans judge others by the country where their born, their beliefs, the color of their skin, sex appeal, etc, etc, etc, without getting to know the person.

Even with the millions of evolutions of human species, some natural instinct remains, and humans must recognize why they discriminate, and use their evolved intelligence to eliminate the source of so much human suffering.

Friday Fun Dog Link: Sloppy Dog Kisses (E-Cards)

Here is Brinkley getting a sloppy kiss from a supporter.

Happy Birthday, Vincent: Starry Starry Night

March 23, 2007

The Life, This is

I'm taking a break from the blogosphere for a little while to focus on work.

I'll be posting things I steal from others to keep the blog current.

I swiped this from Mitch

- If you can start the day without caffeine

- If you can get going without pep pills

- If you can always be cheerful ignoring aches and pains

- If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles

- If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it

- If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy to give you any time

- If you can overlook it when those you love take it out on you when, through no fault of yours, something goes wrong

- If you can take criticism and blame without resentment

- If you can ignore a friend's limited education and never correct him

- If you can resist treating a rich friend better than a poor friend

- If you can face the world without lies and deceit

- If you can conquer tension without medical help

- If you can relax without liquor

- If you can sleep without the aid of drugs

...Then You Are Probably The Family Dog!

March 20, 2007

" "

Four years later and we're not finished screwing Iraq, yet. Boy it sure does feel good. Yes, it's bad, but just wait, we're going to make it worse, much worse. Have faith in me, we can be successful. Failure is Success.

Please forgive me for screwing up so much, but please allow me to continue until I've screwed up everything I possibly can.

Don't worry about the legality of what I do , it doesn't apply.

Thank you and God Bless America (only America and nobody else!).

This is whats called BUSHit.

March 17, 2007

Blogging for Peace

Heard about this from My Thinking Spot, who heard of it from Get Your Own.

Click on picture to enlist your blog.

March 16, 2007

Time for Gold

The things you humans do to each other, in the name of love, makes you the most spiritless creatures on the planet. We try to show what real love is, but humans don't get it. Selfless love will always be paid back to you much more than you give it. But you humans continue on this road of selfish love, the kind that gives absolutely nothing in return. --(SIGH)--

We will not start loving you less, we can't, the spirit of the universe has made us this way. All I ask is that you try learn from example.

Friday Spirituality Link:


March 15, 2007

Killing My Spirit

This is the most cruel and sad story I have seen this year. I cried:

Girl finds missing dog's head in box on doorstep

March 14, 2007

Ava Lowery

Here's an article in Mother Jones. The article, by Samantha M. Shapiro, is about a girl named Ava Lowery, 16, who lives in a small town called Alexander City, about an hour's drive from Montgomery, Alabama.

Ava produces professional-quality antiwar videos that she posts on her website.

Thank you Supergirlest, who first pointed me to this wise teenager's talent a few weeks ago.

Ava received death threats from angry Bush supporters after a particularly tragic piece, "WWJD".

Cowards are threatening teenage girls who don't share their nationalism or your short-sighted ideals. Is that courage? Is that bravery? HELL NO! They need to be scared! This teenager shows much more morality and wisdom than they can fit in their tiny, fearful, bigoted, pinhead brains.

Visit her site, Her videos are short, but amazing.

March 12, 2007

Lazy and Undefined

I'm not feeling well, have too much work to do, and everything is just annoying me today. SO - You just get something scraped from another site. I'll do some real posting later in the week, maybe.

Found this at Blueberry's blog.

That's right, I'm "undefined", so don't label me. What, "undefined" is a label? Well, then I'm not that either.

March 10, 2007

OH NO! I'm Wally.

This is Friday's Dilbert comic. Now, I'm depressed (nothing new). I feel just like this. That middle pane of the comic, I have said the same thing, in different ways, many times on this blog.

"I cannot be anyone other than who I am. To wish me to be different, is the same as rejecting me."

People are always telling me that I disappoint them. I drink coffee. I'm balding very fast. I always thought I identified with Dogbert, but now I know, I'm Wally, and a Sociopath.

sociopath - NOUN: One who is affected with a personality disorder marked by antisocial behavior

antisocial - ADJECTIVE: Shunning the society of others; not sociable.

Yeah, OK. I see.

Now, "yell back" and tell me how I disappoint you , then leave me alone. I'll be in sitting in a dark corner rocking back and forth.

(Not Really! My weekends are far too busy for self-pity. Plenty of time sit in the corner being antisocial during the week at work.)


March 9, 2007

It's Friday - Smell the Love

Lets be blunt! Some animals smell better than others.

I know I shouldn't judge another God by the way they smell, but I can't help it. The smell of another male makes me uneasy. He could be an invader. Now the aroma of the bitches I see in the playgroup, man there's nothing better than that odor, gets my juices flowing, if you know what I mean. Some days, the reek of some bitches make me so horny, I'll just hump anything, man that feels good. "Love Stinks, Oh YEAH" I love that stink.

Those human guides we employ to take us from place to place, I know they smell funny, but its a good smell, until one of them start smelling like their afraid of us. They shouldn't do that, they give off the odor of food, and I know that they aren't food, but it just make me want to chase them down, it's like that aroma sets off the old cave wolf in me, chasing anything that smelled afraid, that's how they found food.

We have evolved from the ancient canines. We are a more civilized species now, we employ human servants to do the dirty work of hunting, preparing, and bring us food. I love when they smell playful and play "throw the ball" and "it's my rope" with us. We need to rise above the instincts of our wild cousins, and not judge any other animal by the way they smell, whether they smell like food, sex, or they have good, rotten stink. We worked hard to bring our species to the life of leisure we lead now. Lets not spoil our good life by acting on impulse anytime we get a whiff of a great aroma. Just enjoy the scent and think about the hard life our ancestors had, before we learned to control the hairless smelly humans.

To further evolve, lets study this: Cat Spelled Backwards Doesn't Spell God
(Oops! The link works now.)

This is Gus. "Gus was named after Augusta McCrae of Lonesome Dove fame. and like Augusta, he does have a way with the ladies" - Cat Spelled Backwards Doesn't Spell God - Jeff Selis


March 8, 2007

Truth, Justice, and MY Way.

News from Evil Spock, Capt America is dead!

Is that so bad? It's time for a change. Look at the term "America" and you will see a tarnished image.

What is the American way?

Destroy and replace beautiful natural views with cheap ugly boxes, churches on every corner to scam you, repulsive strip malls, disgusting parking lots, and nasty wide streets for all these bloated bigoted Americans to drive in there over-size inefficient vehicles. It is possible to build real estate that is beautiful and does not destroy our environment. Look how many countries in Europe build there attractive villages and towns in concert with the environment. But that is too expensive for Americans, we need to make loads of money to by lots of “stuff” to stick in our cheap ugly boxes in our unwholesome antiseptic neighborhoods. Bad food, bad beer, mindless entertainment, and immoral politics to distract us from the real world.

The current American state of mind: F— the rest of the world, F— the environment, F— the future. Just give me what I want NOW. Nobody and nothing else matters except me and now. Take as much as I can for me, no matter how much destruction I create. That’s the American Way of Progress. The whole world is for us, F— the rest of the world. Our current leadership in this country has made this perfectly clear. We are right, everyone else is wrong, the documents, ideals, doctrine that created this country does not apply anymore, fear controls our actions. We now live in a cage so we are safe from “them” and we are safe from “us”.

Yes, I’m American. Its repulsive to look at what America is becoming.


March 6, 2007

The Back Door of Rosa's

Last August, in a post titled Both Sides, Now, I mentioned about my Pavlovian response to country music . Some country music makes me sick. Literally sick. Headache, Nausea, Dizziness. For the longest time I figured I just had a great dislike for this music.

Sometime in my twenties I figured it out. The only music that made me sick was the music my Mom played when she drove me across town to nursery school before I was 5 years old. With being small and seated on the seat, I couldn't see out the windows, so I often become car sick. My mother's radio was always tuned to the local country music station playing Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton, are a few of the names I remember of the music on the radio. The country music I heard years later did not have the effect on me. I've never liked country music much, but there some country artists that I like and respect, Willie Nelson being one of those. I also enjoy authentic Bluegrass music, but even now, over 40 years later, when I hear those songs that were played on the radio when I was getting car sick, I still become physically ill.

Where did all this mental conditioning took place? "Out in the West Texas town of El Paso........"

Steve Martin version: El Paso (spoof)

Now if I can only stop drooling everytime hear that song. This is another freaky thing about me. When I lived in El Paso, my mother often took us to this German Restaurant, Augusta's Stube, and the owner would play that Marty Robbins song over and over and over again while we dined on Schnitzel and home-fried potatoes. That song makes me hungry for German junk food. Until today, it had been years since I heard that song. Weird! Because I avoid junk food these days. DAMN IT!


March 5, 2007

Fiscal Cancer

The nation's top accountant, David M. Walker, appeared on 60 Minutes last night to try and raise awareness of the our impending Economic Doom I blogged about last October. He is STILL trying to get people to listen.

Here is the 60 Minutes story: Fiscal Cancer.

The current executive administration is trying to ignore this problem, to pass it along to the next administration. The fiscal irresponsibility of our current leader is a major cause for what will become a certain economic crisis in our near future. We haved robbed our grandkids and future generations, to have a small bit prosperity now. By bankrupting the U.S., our "Leader" has done more damage to the U.S. than the radical religious extremist terror groups could have ever dreamed of achieving. Makes you kind of wonder who is the real enemy.

If our "Leader" had been the CEO of large company, he would have to answer for the fraud and perjury he has committed, and he certainly would have been discharged from this position by now.

Do you know what is the German word for "The Leader"? Is it "Der F├╝hrer". Chilling, isn't it?

Okay, that is just name-calling, I'm mad about this and I don't know what to do. America, WAKE UP! We can't go around saying "We Didn't Know", like the Germans did after the last World War. We do know, but everyone is ignoring it. WHY?

This "Leader" has not been successful in anything, and the one thing he claims he has been successful at, keeping the economy strong, is now confirmed by the U.S. Government Accountability Office to be a weak facade that is about to crumble.

ITMFA! It is long overdue. Well, He is the CEO of the U.S., and "We The People" agree, he needs to be Impeached and held accountable for his criminal use of his executive powers.

In other news, did you here about the two toddler boys forced to smoke pot?

I'm sure they were just doing the boys a favor, hoping this would turn them into future presidential hopefuls.


March 2, 2007

Double Dog Blogging

I was reminded by someone this week that I missed the "Friday Dog Blogging" last week, so this week I'll have to give you a double dose of canine spirituality.

Let me introduce you to The Dog and her human companion Kathy Flake (Vegan, Writer, Future neuroscientist) over at What do I Know. This blog caught my attention with lots links about my favorite places in England (Cambridge, Oxford, East Anglia, Stratford), vegan links, and New Mexico (my favorite place in the world). Not to mention the real treats of this blog, many interesting posts about this Golden girl. This is one happy dog, and very cute.

For your Dog/Spirituality Link: Talking to Dog

From the Dog Blogs: Steady and Charlie

Peace, and may Dog be with you.

March 1, 2007

me me me me me me me me me me

I grapped this meme tag from Nancy. She didn't tag me, I was just playing along.

Well, the more questions I ask, the more I find out about myself.

1. Where is your cell phone? No cell phone.
2. Boyfriend/girlfriend? Not today, probably not tomorrow either.
3. Hair? Balding, naturally!
4. Your mother? German Jew, mentally unstable, alcoholic.
5. Your father? Dead. The only person in my childhood that showed any interest in me.
6. Your favourite item(s)? Cast Iron Skillet. I cook a lot.
7. Your dream last night? Don't remember. I usually do remember my dreams, and most are vivid.
8. Your favourite drink? Soft: Dark Roast Coffee, Hard: NewCastle Draft (Beer)
9. Your dream guy/girl? smart, horny, frugal
10. The room you are in? Hell (aka work)
11. Your fear? Heights.
12. What do you want to be in 10 years? Taos, NM
13. Who did you hang out with last night? Myself
14. What are you not? I'm not like anyone else.
15. Are you in love? Why?
16. One of your wish list items? Peace. Global and Infinite.
17. What time is it? Time is a human delusion.
18. The last thing you did? This.
19. What are you wearing? Dockers, Maroon Shirt, Brown loafers
20. Your favorite book? Too many to list.
21. The last thing you ate? Oatmeal with raisins, walnuts, cranberries.
22. Your life? Life is good.
23. Your mood? Bi-polar, facing North today.
24. Your friends? Are great.
25. What are you thinking about right now? This.
26. Your car? 2001 Honda Accord.
27. What are you doing at this moment? This.
28. Your summer? Warm, misty mountains.
29. Your relationship status? Single and cautious.
30. What is on your TV screen? TV never on. I sometimes watch news, weather and DVD movies, but most of the time it is not on. TV is the most boring way to spend time.
31. When is the last time you laughed? Can't remember.
32. Last time you cried? Yesterday
33. School : Multiple

Play if you want. If not, no big deal. I do like reading about y'all.