June 16, 2007


Recently, I saw a news segment about dreaming, and how the mind uses sleep time to reaarange, connect, and basically "defrag" the memories stored in the mind. Without sleep, IQ levels decrease and memory problems increase.

Anyway, that isn't the point of today's post.

I have always had very vivid dreams. My dreams are quite entertaining, even the scary ones, I enjoy them all. The best dreams are the ones where I know I'm dreaming and can take control. These lucid dreams result in my ability to fly anywhere at will and to make anything I wish happen, the flying is such a great feeling. I have learned to take that feeling of falling when you first fall asleep and recognize that I'm dreaming, and take control of the dream. I also learned to recognize when the dream is about to end and make it last a bit longer by taking and spinning myself in the dream. I don't know why this works, but it does.

These lucid dreams don't happen very often, but when it does, I always wake up in such a good mood, a natural high that seems to last for days. Is it the dream doing this, or is there something else in my mind causing the elated mood and lucidity.

The reason I started writing today's post, was to document one of my vivid dreams, one of those entertaining dreams, that I had last night. It was not a lucid dream, but I still woke up left me in a good mood.

Last night I dreamed I died, but my consciousness was still aware.

The details of the dream are starting to fade, as they always do, but I still remember some vivid parts. I was leaving someplace in my car, and as I often do, fumbling to attach the seat belt after I have started driving. But no matter how much I fumbled with the belt I couldn't get it attached. It was slipping from my hand, or the car was running off the road so I had to steer it back into position. I was on a busy highway. Then a cement truck was directly in front of me, and I remember thinking that if I don't attach the belt, I'm going to die when I hit the truck. There is no violent crash, or blood, or anything scary. I just remember the truck in front of me, then a moment of blurriness, then walking up to my apartment. Several things happen with me trying to get in, but most are very fuzzy now, but I remember my family from my past, my ex-wife, son and daughter in a state of mourning. I remember thinking that I'm dead, but it was alright. My daughter who is grown now, and has her own family, was there, but she was only around 10 years old. I remember going to her to tell her I was here, and embracing her. She told her mother "daddy is here" with us. As they go out the door, we are in another house, a house from the past we had out west. They are leaving. (Here I remember that I didn't recognize the car and thinking why she would buy that car). As they are leaving, I try to catch up to them, but I'm unable to leave the yard, something is holding me back. This brings tears to my eyes, because it from a memory from the lowest point in my life, a significant emotional event that has had a great influence on my current mental state. I woke up very sad, but my mood turned around quickly. I don't know why.

Is it the function of the dreams to revive memories and put them in perspective? To connect past memories to current ones? To give a you a fresh outlook on your current life. Whenever I have these vivid dreams, no matter if they are scary, sad, happy, or naughty, I'm always in a good mood for the rest of the day, which is unusual for me, to go through a whole day a not get that melancholy feeling when I start feeling tired.


Peacechick Mary said...

Wow, awesome dream! Sounds like you resolved that unhappy time in your life, let it go, that past is harmless now.

angry ballerina said...

I woke up this morn and thought

"Fuck, Nancy was right, I REALLY need to stop eating before I go to bed"

Maybe you should too.

Either that or get laid

Pam said...

Wow...now THIS is what blogging is about.

I've had some wild, symbloic dreams in my lifetime. I think they have meaning to the individual who dreams them. That is who has to interpret the meaning.

Hill said...

Ah, WOW!!

Do you ever dream you're literally flying? Those are my fave dreams. Love 'em!

Mitch said...

These are just my personal thoughts on the subject:

Dreams use symbols that are understood by your psyche/soul and not by your rational left-thinking brain. There is deep-level working out of your feelings in some dreams, others are just a re-hash of previous events. Either way dreams serve as a re-enactment that helps us learn.

I used to have some very vivid dreams, usually of future events, I don't remember most dreams now, must be the croissant I had before going to bed!!!

The only "flying" I did was after a joint or two!!!

Keep up the good work - something is definitely trying to wake you up. Dreams are probably more real than real life where we are all sleepwalkers.

Found this page on dreams: Importance of Dreams

Anonymous said...

When I was in high school, I kept dreaming that I was losing my teeth. I'd eat an apple and every bite would make me lose a tooth. I'd be looking at myself in the mirror and just be in complete and utter dispair.... I read in a book that it meants lack of self-confidence.. now I needed to read about that, duh?

The dream that keeps coming back to me now is about being stuck in an elevator and it's out of control. Moving all over the place and I can't stand up. I haven't read on that one. It's so vivid that in my dream I say to the other people around "oh no, not this dream again" hummmm

Must mean I'm screwed up.. do I need to read about that? Nope. ;-)

Hope you had a great day! I'm sure you're a great dad and grand-papa... wink


Blueberry said...

You are lucky on having lucid dreams (somewhat controllable dreams). My husband has those. He thought everyone had them... no big deal. When I dream it's usually frustrating. Sometimes I work in my dreams (yuck). Other times I'm searching for a lost person or pet or familiar place, and never find them.

Pam said...

nancy - losing a tooth means you will lose a friend. Well, according to "generic" dream interpretation.

It could just mean you need to visit the dentist for a check-up ;-).

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

peacechick - That memory, that regret, is a heavy weight. Still trying to get past it.

angry - I like my dreams, even the bad ones. If I knew what made them so vivid, I would eat that every night.

Pam - Yeah. Blogging is sort of a therapy for me. You don't know how much you guys help. TY, TY, TY

Mitch - I believe that dreams are just a by-product of a the function of the brain. But you can tell from the dreams the memories that mean most to us, and our fears. The lucid dreams are just plain fun, I wish I could do that all the time, but the ability comes and goes.

Nancy - I have had dreams where I've lost teeth, or broken dental work. It is a fear of mine. Another obssesion I have is my teeth and keeping them healthy. I haven't had many problems, but it is a fear.

Blueberry - I have many dreams of getting lost, and not being ready for a class, not remembering my locker combo (from HS), losing someone and not being find them, and drowning.

Pam - When I was having trouble with my wisdom teeth, before having them pulled, I used to have dreams about those teeth growing too big and I couldn't shut my mouth. After they were pulled, I had dreams of them coming back. Just thinking about all these comments about teeth and dreams, I know I'm going to have a strange my teeth tonight.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Speaking of wisdom teeth. About 20 years ago I had gone to get them taken out. While the dentist was freezing the area he looked at me and said "are you ok"

Me : nope

Dentist: What's wrong.

Me: I've changed my mind, the teeth are mine so I'm keeping them.

I still have them. wink

Does this mean I'm wiser? hummmmmm


angry ballerina said...

I think you need to lay off the shrooms Nickimiboy.

Mary said...

That was so interesting! I love to go over my dreams as soon as I wake up otherwise I will forget. I try to be aware of whats going on when I dream. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

supergirlest said...

i dig the jungian theory of dreams - it is the subconcsious mind attempting to put forth something into consciousness... i also love dream analysis - send 'em my way!!!! there's a bunch in there to learn from. ;) you should try and keep a journal - the connections to be made are much fun. have you ever lucidly dreamed? have you seen waking life?