June 24, 2007

Ready, Set, STOP

Are you ready?

Ready for what?

To stop our illegal occupation of Iraq?

YES! We are ready.

Peacechick Mary in her She Wore Sea Green post, screams:


Good! 70% say they are ready! Lets see if you're really ready.

The people we elected aren't going to do it for us, they've been bought out by the same corporations that control this action.

We can stop this, but it is going to take some peaceful inaction to get this done.

Peaceful Inaction? What the hell are you talking about?


After the attacks on the U.S. by religious extremists on September 11, 2001, the world stood stood on our side to bring justice to those who were responsible. We were told by our "leader" to go back to our normal lives and let us handle the dirty work of war against those responsible for the attacks.

Although shocked, saddened, and fearful, we returned to our daily routines. We let "them" handle the situation.

The majority of the U.S. made no sacrifice.

I honor those who have made sacrifices; their lives, their health, their loved ones, their children.

Our leaders abused their authority, mismanaged the response, lied and misled us with purposely deceitful information to justify their bloody deeds.

We must protest LOUDLY. LOUDER than screams and shouts!

We must be ready to sacrifice.

What can we do?

Peaceful inaction! You don't have to do anything. In fact a lot less than you're doing now.

The way we can get our leaders to sit up and take notice;

- Stop being a consumer.
- Stop unnecessary shopping.
- Stop going out to eat.
- Stop making unnecessary trips.
- No unnecessary purchases of any type.
- Refuse to celebrate holidays (YES, even the ones in late December).
- If we're still not LOUD enough, then stop working.
- STOP our normal everyday routine.

Yes, it would be quite a sacrifice.

HOWEVER - I'm not asking you give up your life, your health, those you love, or your children.



Peacechick Mary said...

Thanks for the tip. We were just talking about consumerism and how so many of us are trained consumers - use it up mentality. I'm wondering if people would gt the idea of consuming to give back to the earth. I'm trying to think of ways we could do this as it might help wean us from buying just for the sake of the momentary thrill of something new.

VirusHead said...

Great list!

Maybe the timing isn't perfect (heh-heh) but I've nominated you for the Open Minded Blog Award.

Keep up the great work!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

peacechick - It's like "We The People" and what we think don't matter to what our elected representatives decide. We need to make them wake up!

virushead - Thanks for the nomination. I've always considered myself open-minded. Great site!

pissed off patricia said...

I just heard one of the repub candidates say "polls are just polls".

No they aren't, they are the voices of Americans and no one seems to hear them.

Pam said...

GREAT post, nick.

What gets me down is the MASSIVE SCALE this would need to take place. If EVERYONE who opposed the war would "do nothing" then they would hear us.

Consumerism is addictive. We use it to numb ourselves. Like peacechick says, it's the momentary thrill of buying something new. It's like a drug.

Undeniable Liberal said...

But the people that need relief the most, already can't choose to participate, they already are participating, and not by choice. And there are ALOT of them/us.

supergirlest said...

amen. i wrote something like this a few weeks ago, though i took it a step further...


azgoddess said...

yes yes yes -- that's what I"M talking about!!!!