June 3, 2007

Two Thousand Moons

Moons. Two Thousand. All Shapes, Colors, and Sizes.

Lets get a better look at the moons:

This makes me want to go streaking, but sadly I am an moonless man, you'll just have to enjoy the other features.



Nancy said...

oh! why don't you live it up a little and show us what you have! LOL

Come on.. you can do it! ;-)


Mitch said...

Amazing what these office workers get up to in their lunchtimes. So how was your day at the office, dear?

I'm intrigued, how can you be moonless Nick?

Nancy said...

Am I ever looking forward to tomorrow's pict.. ;-)


Start with the thighs...wink

Pam said...

What the...????

angry ballerina said...

1. How many guys had hard on's when they did this.

2. How high did the birth rate spike 9 months later?

azgoddess said...

haa haa haa - you crack me up....great pics -- thanks for sharing!