June 12, 2007

Handle With Care

I have nothing for you today, call it blogger's block, or as I told Nancy this morning, I'm suffering from brain deadness. The coffee isn't helping. I should enjoy this time when the voices aren't shouting at me.

So today, I will showing off my middle-aged mediocrity. I leave you with an old song from the past supergroup, The Traveling Wilburys, whose entire collection will be re-released today. They have been unavailable for some time, the original releases becoming collector items. I have the originals tucked away in some box somewhere, from an age before digital music.

Music: The End Of The Line
Lyrics Here


Nancy said...

Hi there!

Does this mean that you too would be ready for organ donation today? wink..

Nah, we want you around a little longer with us...

At least in goo-goo land everyone wears pink! You'd fit right in..

Love you!

Enjoy your quietness...


Evil Spock said...

I remember them. I remember thinking it was weird that a bunch of old men had a video on MTV when I was a mere spockling.

Though I'm not into them, good music is good music.

pissed off patricia said...

Not my kind of music either but for those who enjoy it, I'm glad it's there.

azgoddess said...

take care -- be good to yourself and great music!!

Pam said...

I've got blogger's block too!

I remember this music too. Although i don't think I was as young as evil spock at the time.

BBC said...


Dolly Pardon.

"Love is like a butterfly."

And it has nothing to do with fancy coffee's, beers, trips, homes, material things. Not even with dogs and cats.

It has to do with looking into each others eyes and sharing spirit. And that lives right next door to me.

Too bad she is 85 and doesn't turn my crank. Fuck it, like I should expect you monkeys to understand me. Take care.

BadTux said...

I remember when the album came out. Roy Orbison sang like a god. He was older than dirt by that time, but still had that Voice. As for the rest, well, heh.

- Badtux the Music Penguin

Blueberry said...

Nick, we are in sync! I never had these before so I was thrilled to pick up the collection yesterday. You've got vinyl? $$$

Several musical generations represented in the band (not the same as a family generation), Roy Orbison from my childhood, Dylan and a Beatle from my teens, and Petty/Lynne from young adulthood.