June 10, 2007

A Sunday Thought

I am wrong!

In matters of theology, I am wrong. It doesn't matter what I learn, think or say about the subject, I will never know the truth...

...nor will you

The "truth" is not based on beliefs. Truth is based on facts we know. If you know an idea to be true, then it is no longer "faith". Faith and Truth have two different definitions, and one can never be the other. Once a belief is based on facts and it becomes truth, then it can no longer be faith.

If we say we know the "truth" about creation, and anyone who doesn't follow that belief is wrong, that is religion, or in other words, your opinion. It doesn't matter the type of belief, if you say ONLY those that agree with you are right, then are have just discredited yourself in regards to theology.

If you agree with me, remember this: I am wrong!

Follow your head and your heart, if you do not believe what your head and heart tell you is true, and choose to live by the words of other men, then you are a hypocrite and are only using the beliefs of others to be accepted by them.

Yes, I'm wrong about the origins of the universe, and I will never know the truth, and that's okay for me.

There is a vacuous old man that leaves religious messages on my blog. He thinks he is right and everyone else is wrong. He calls it spirituality, but he is just another religion making the world more intolerant and bigoted. If you know you are right, than I'm happy for you. Please keep leaving your messages, it confirms your ignorance, and lack of faith, for others to see. This is not a people planet, it is planet of many diverse life forms, and the late-coming human animals are just one of millions. If you think differently, then you are just being human.

Of course, I'm wrong!

● To Blue Gal for the Peanuts strip, the inspirition for todays post.
● To Evil Spock for making me look up the word vacuous, and providing the perfect example of that word.
● To the creepy religious old man who knows everything.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! xoxoxoxoxox

When I prayed, very often "fear" motivated me, like it motivates many others. Fear of dying was my biggest motivation to pray.

Now, I just try to be thankful instead of fearful or praying for "something" which is what we usually do.

I guess when you're a child and you are faced with death, you're willing to sell your soul to whom ever, just to let you be around a little longer.

I was just too nosey and didn't want to miss anything.

Wrong or right, doesn't really matter as long as you feel good about what you're doing and you're not harming anyone.

Life is good... ;-)

and I do spoil myself! LOL and my little Honey Bunny...she means the world to me.. yeah... she does.

Thank you again for this post!


P.S. Please duck, the shit's about to hit the fan!!! LOL

Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock hopes that Evil Spock will use more words for people to look up.

Makes me look smart!

TheCunningRunt said...

Evil Spock is smart, regardless of who's lookin'.

And niCk, you're right, you're wrong...you're real.

But in your favorite movies you missed Down By Law, a Jim Jarmusch/Tom Waites extravaganza. Check it out if you haven't ;)

BBC said...

You will know someday, Nick. It's just going to be a few more hundred years, assuming that mankind and your omnipresence lasts that much longer.

Unless you think that you just die and then you are dead, whatever.

The origins of the universe is simple. It was simply a miracle and no mystical God had anything to do with it.

That spirit, and that is all it is, did not start waking up and evolving until the earth formed and life started taking root on it.

I'm pretty much wasting my time trying to tell others this though.

Pam said...

Wow. proof of what you just wrote, just 4 comments in. You were RIGHT about that ;-).

Awesome post. simply awesome.

Peacechick Mary said...

I love being wrong - means I learned something. I also enjoy not knowing something. Thanks, NMB - vacuous he is.

angry ballerina said...

Congrats, you have admitted the obvious.

Blueberry said...

Some quotable quotes:
"Chase after truth like hell and you'll free yourself, even though you never touch its coat-tails."
-- Clarence Darrow

"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge."
--Benjamin Disraeli, Sybil, 1845

"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts."
--Bertrand Russell

"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool."
--William Shakespeare, "As You Like It", Act 5 scene 1

"The more you know, the less you understand."
-- Tao Le Ching

"If you aren't wrong, then you must be... wrong!"
-- Blueberry

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

nancy - your welcome!

fear is what keeps many loyal to religion. when you stop being afraid, they have nothing to sell you.

Love you, too XOXOXOXXXXO

evil spock - I guess looking smart is better than being smart?

Today Paris claims her vacuousness was an act. I think you should invite her to guest blog, to test her skills. She could have a poisonness flower indentity.

I had the word figured out before I hit the online dictionary, because of the breakdown and the pictorial reference, but I was just double-checking myself.

runt - I'll have check out that movie, I am a Jim Jarmusch fan.

religious old man - God spoke directly to me, He said you're right and nobody else knows anything. Too bad for you, He is wrong, also.

Pam - Somedays the fishing is easy.

Peacechick - At least the people that know their wrong can still be open to fresh experiences.

Angry - I admit nothing but what is obvious.

BlueBerry - Great quotes. Thanks

angry ballerina said...

Don't be a dumbass