June 21, 2007

A Boy and His Dog

What ever happened to the Brady Bunch's Dog, Tiger?

We have seen countless boring, empty, entertainless distractions about the other members of the Brady Bunch cast, but what ever happened to Tiger?

One year after the Bunch finally disbanded, "Tiger" had a starring role this movie with Don Johnson and Jason Robards: A Boy and His Dog.

I cannot confirm if this is the same dog, it is only a rumor. I've seen other rumors that Tiger was killed on the set of Brady Bunch. I'll keep my delusion that Tiger went on to bigger and better roles with the soon-to-be famous Miami Vice star.

Please don't believe the urban legend about the "Tiger and Alice" affair, I think it was a publicity stunt.

A Boy and His Dog is "A post-apocalyptic tale based on a novella by Harlan Ellison. A boy communicates telepathically with his dog as they scavenge for food and sex....". The dog is the wiser of the two companions.

This movie will never make the American Film Institute list of greatest 100 movies.

The movie is so bad, it is good - in a MST3K sort of way. The ending is very satisfying, but I will not spoil the plot. Lets just say they meet a girl, girl deceives boy, and they end up a having dinner date. Definitely not a film for children

The movie and short story are widely attacked for being misogynistic. It's bad entertainment, but has much to say about how "civilized" society treats those it considers "uncivilized". Keep an open mind, and enjoy the tasteless, brutally cynical humor, which will challenge our distinctions between good and bad, right and wrong, hero and villain, winning and losing.

This ending of this movie is a tasty treat.

-- This post was inspired by kelly the little black dog


Anonymous said...

Good morning!

Well I guess you do work well under pressure after all ... ;-)

I had forgotten about the Brady's dog. It's probably because I was SO YOUNG when it was on.. wink

Rumours about Tiger and Alice, huh? I don't even want to go there...

I've never heard about the movie and don't even think about finding it around here! My little French Canadian town has a hard enough time to get recent vids in their original language.. I just can imagine if I ask for this one! LOL

Very cute post.. I like Fridays!

Have a great weekend with that peaches song in your head! LOL

Forget the song and concentrate on the athletic ladies running around you.. wink... that should get the voices in the mood... ;-)


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

nancy - For the video, try one of the online video services like NetFlix or Blockbuster.

I will be running with the song in my head. Peaches also happen to refer to certain female anatomy (or is it just me). So I can focus on the females and still be thinking about "peaches" hehe. They are certain to have some nice peaches there. ;)

Love You, too.


Anonymous said...

It does??? wow! I'm dense!


BTW check out that vid on Kelly's blog, it's amazing!

The one about Lion king of the jungle or something... just goes to show what the underdog can achieve when they get together..


angry ballerina said...

I miss my Raja Looo

Anonymous said...

There are no words for this...

Blueberry said...

I will have to look for that movie. I enjoy a good bad movie... er, something like that.

Peacechick Mary said...

Thanks for the tip. I like to rent dog movies for my dog, Lance who barks and carries on whenever the dog star comes on the scene. He also eats all my popcorn.

Dr. Zaius said...

Great novella, so-so movie. I felt sorry for Jason Robards. Hey, I'm a big fan of Kelly the little black dog too!

Anonymous said...

Ok I have to ask...

So people in Georgia don't want kids even if they "fit" well with you, huh?

What does one have to do with the other...?!?!?

Yes I'm nosey and I have NO freaken life! ;-)

Kelly the dog said...

The movie is based on the novella "Blood's a Rover". Very typical Ellison. The movie was definitely B grade, but worth it on its deeper levels. As for the charge of misogyny, people often make the mistake thinking that sexist characters imply a sexist story.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - That lions vs water buffalo video is amazing. I wish humans would cooperate like that and take a stand against those who do "feed" on us.

Angry - Raja love.

Blueberry - Some bad movies are great stories.

Peacechick - Tell Lance to share the popcorn (and the pillows).

Dr Z. - I'd like to see a remake of this story, and the sequels Ellison created.

Nancy - It's about having another person for your "convenience" instead of wanting to share life with someone.

Whatevers happens, we deal with and live. That's life, and it is good.

kelly - I haven't read any of the sequels which later, with this short story, became the story you mentioned. I was familiar with the short stories in "The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World", which I read as a teen.

Anonymous said...

by the way, the novella "A boy and his dog," was not meant to be misogynistic at all. The movie portrayed women as manipulative and deceiving throughout the entire film. According to wikipedia, Harlan did not care for this interpretation of his writing.

From wikipedia:

"However, Ellison did not go into detail regarding this, as he has stated he hates sexism and misogyny. The film greatly expanded on these themes, and actually showed it, and allegedly Ellison wasn't happy with this. The film was widely seen as having a misogynistic theme because of it."

The humor was barely tasteless. It was a dark, dry humor which helped portray the evils of the world they were facing. The movie may not be a blockbuster, but it certainly was a good movie with thought provoking themes. Rotten Tomatoes even gave the movie a #96 spot on its best of Sci-fi list, so it honestly can't be as stupid as you're making it out to be.

I can't believe you think it's "bad entertainment." Was The Outer Limits bad entertainment too? Harlan wrote a couple episodes which were considered top notch in that series. Christ, take the movie for what it's worth. Calling it "Bad entertainment," is ludicrous. At the very least it's average entertainment with a large dose of things to think about.