June 19, 2007

Peaches On My Mind

The voices scream at me when I'm out running. I wish I could store and review all the great ideas and rants I have while I'm out running. By the time I get back to the keyboard, the voices are quiet, or I decide they might have been little too harsh.

I can write whole blog posts in my head while I'm out running, even organizing and rearranging different ideas of the post. By the time I get a chance to put the ideas on the blog, they are gone. I remember what I wanted to say, but can never seem to put it down the way I internalized it, or I can't get motivated to write it out.

Sometimes my favorite music plays in my head, or tunes that annoyingly get stuck on repeat. When that happens, time and miles seem to go at faster pace. I like it when the music plays. I don't use headphones during the runs, since I'm on the road and want to hear the car or Dog chasing me. Besides, they interfere with the voices, and they never agree on what music they like.

This weekend is the annual Peach Run 10K in Clanton Alabama. All awards include a basket of peaches.

"Millions of Peaches, Peaches for me, Millions of Peaches, Peaches for free,....."

Last year, I had that song stuck in my head: Peaches. Please play it, so it gets stuck in your head, because I know it'll be on endless repeat in mine during the run, again, but that's a good thing. I'd rather have music than the voices.


Don't forget to play that music: Peaches



Anonymous said...

Good morning!

I usually get the ideas for my posts while in the shower or driving. ;-) Certainly not while runnig... LOL

Dogs & cars chasing you, eh? hummmmmm During the races, with lots of people around, you definitely need to start sticking around the firm women runners... and just brush up against them oooh sooooo innocently.. wink

I just wonder what the voices will have to say about that? LOL

Have a great day!

Love you!

Peacechick Mary said...

Movin' to the country - gonna eat a lot of peaches...yeahhh! Here's hoping you have a peachy great run.

Mary said...

Moving to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches! This is so freaky because that song ALWAYS runs through my head. And BTW if you ever run w/an ipod its a great running song. The whole cd rocks.

I know what you mean about organizing great posts in your head while running. We need something that will record our thoughts while we run.

angry ballerina said...

When I was 6 my sister lobbed a peach at me and nearly took my eye out. I have hated them ever since.

Pam said...

No need to listen. Now that song will be in my head all damned DAY!!

peaches come in a can, they were put there by a man, in a factory downtowwnnnnn

Have fun at the race. Tell the voices if they can't be more supportive to STFU.

Anonymous said...

Cool song.. ;-)

Am I the only one who doesn't know it??!?!?!


angry ballerina said...

Uh yea....You are.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm going to crawl back under my rock then...

Anonymous said...

So, are you working on your Friday post?

The pressure is on my friend!

aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ;-)

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Ok, Nancy. Wait.....wait....wait

I don't work well under pressure. I have an idea and will throw something together tonight.

You hadn't heard the "Peaches" song? Now you have. Play it again and again until you can't get that tune out of your head, then you'll be cursing me. LuvYa!

azgoddess said...

yea - i'm there with you on that except mine happens when i'm walking..or driving...smile

lately though, i've been able to remember when i get home -- i just keep repeating it over and over in my head until i get to my computer...