June 8, 2007

Year Of The Dog

Year Of The Dog is a dark comedy from Mike White who has written and co-starred in other movie gems like The Good Girl, Orange County, and School of Rock. This movie is his directorial debut. It is refreshing look at the psychology of our relationships with humans and pets. I love this movie because I can relate to the feelings of the main character, Peggy, and how she interacts with the human world she doesn't quite understand.

From Fandango: Peggy (Molly Shannon) is a happy-go-lucky secretary - a great friend, employee, and sister who lives alone with her beloved dog. When Pencil unexpectedly dies, Peggy must embark on a journey of personal transformation that is hilarious, poignant and heartbreaking.

Read more here.

This independent movie is hard to find, but it is one of the few movies I've seen this year that I'd recommend. I expect it to be released on video soon.

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Don't confuse this movie with A Dog Year, based on the life and writings of Jon Katz due out later this year. I've written about this non-fiction work on a previous Friday post.

I'm a big Jon Katz fan. He has written columns for HotWired and Slate.com, and has also worked as an executive producer of the CBS Morning News. I've eagerly been awaiting the release of this movie in which Jon, portrayed by Jeff Bridges, is going through a mid-life crisis, seeking solitude, while adopting a hyper-active border collie, and dealing with the death of another of his constant canine companions, a yellow Labrador he considered a soul mate.

IMDB Page: A Dog Year


Anonymous said...

Good morning!

wow! the Friday post is up early, did you have insomnia? ;-)

I read "A Good Dog" by Jon Katz. I enjoyed it but I preferred by far "Marley & Me" by John Grogan. I appreciated his style and it was more touching.

Oddly though, I was going to buy another book by Jon Katz and I was very surprised by the negative comments people were saying about him ie: "He has made money by exploiting his dogs" huh? I was surprised by such harsh comments, I didn't feel he was exploiting his animals what so ever.

I'm looking into buying another dog book, any suggestions?

Have a great day my friend and I left you a comment over at my place.


P.S. I'm no longer the blonde fantasy.. yeah right! LOL

Anonymous said...

oh! and I'll definitely be looking out for those movies! ;-)


Peacechick Mary said...

I'm making a note of these. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"The movie was good. Molly Shannon was great. The movie is clean enough for a 10 year old to see but has a somewhat grown-up theme-what are you doing to make a difference? There are people we all know who don't quite fit in with society and this film tries successfully to show you don't have to fit in to be happy. A positive message we should all consider."

I just read this review about the movie. ;-)

Does it sound pretty accurate?

pissed off patricia said...

Nope, I don't watch movies about animals because I'll start crying when the movie begins and I won't be able to stop. I don't know what it is about me, but that's just the way it works.

Pam said...

Sounds like a great movie and I LOVE Molly Shannon. Will have to check it out!

angry ballerina said...

Aw crap, is this one of those movies thats going to make me take a very close look at my life and shit?

BBC said...

Has it ever occurred to you to just evolve above the dog bullshit? They eat them in other parts of the world you know.

And you would also if you where starving, it's the survival of the fittest law.

And you watch to fucking much TV and too many movies. Learn how to think for yourself.

Anonymous said...

"small breasted euro look" huh?

You'll have to post about those.. left you a message over at FAB's... ;-)

Have a great day!!!

Love you...

BBC said...

So it's Saturday and I went to beer church for a while this evening and there was a couple there meeting each other for the first time on a blind date.

Because they are both dog lovers and don't like people.

Hello fucking hello? Look in a mirror, they are people, if they don't like people why in the hell are they even meeting each other?

So they can worship each others dogs? How far will that go? I'll tell you how far, not a stones toss away.

It's a people planet people, it's a fucking people planet. The fucking dogs and cats are just mooching off of you. Of course they are going to be nice so they can get their next meal, wouldn't you be?

I swear, I'm surrounded by idiots.

Once again, they are only dogs and cats. They are not fucking God, you are. Get the fuck over it and get it right.

Now go hold someones hand. Hugs and all that shit.

BBC said...


I guess some people just need a glue to stick them together. And some of them use dogs as the glue.

Okay, but what about an other person being the glue?

I'm thankful that she lives right next door to me and is not needy and is thankful for everything I do for her.

She is a person, I am a person, we take care of the cats but we come first.

Just saying.

Hill said...

Sounds interesting.

Blueberry said...

Nick, it sounds pretty good. You know me, I love animal stuff. I find it interesting that there are almost no movies where cats are the good guys. hmmmm. ;-) One of my favorite movies ever with/about animals is The Belstone Fox. It's about a fox and a hound raised together and then later expected to play their parts in the hunt. Very hard to find gem, not even sure if it's on DVD. I need to keep checking the racks at the obscure video shops.

Anonymous said...

My turn :

So, did you get laid this weekend? wink... ;-)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I'll take that as a definite... maybe.. ;-)

Have a great day!

It's finally sunny & hot... ;-)

Love you