June 18, 2007

Chris & Kelley

One month ago, I was in Virginia Beach attending their wedding. Tomorrow, June 19, will be Chris & Kelley's one month anniversary. I just found out they will be moving to North Carolina next month. For my son and new daughter-in-law, I wish them the best.

Here's some pictures from the wedding, from the official photographer, Atlantis Photo.

Chris & Kelley

Chris & Dad (niCk)


Chris & Kelley Toast

The flower girl was the best dancer, I think she had more fun than anyone else.

More will be available later, I'll post a link to them.


Evil Spock said...

Evil Spock loves weddings and getting dressed up.

Hill said...

Too cool! GREAT pixs. Handsome son, handsome father. And utterly adorable gettin' down Flower Girl.

Pam said...

What a BEAUTIFUL couple!

They don't look old enough to be getting married though. And you certainly don't look old enough to be the dad of someone who is old enough to get married!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you were going to share those picts! ;-)

I'm going to be redundant here!

They are fabulous picts. Everyone looks so happy.. and proud. Now I wonder who is that someone who looks proud.. wink wink

You sure you're a grand-papa???

I went to the link and I couldn't get in to see the other picts...

Thankx for sharing..


Blueberry said...

LOVELY! And having a one month anniversary! I'm trying to figure out how many months I've been married - to this husband - lots of months. ;-)

Cute flower girl and a real charmer, but trying to figure out that hat of hers. Looks like she's doing a dance we used to do back in the stone age. Or maybe it's the Macarena.

Mary said...

Beautiful couple. You must be very proud. NC means they will be a little closer right?

Peacechick Mary said...

One month old marriage, still fresh out of the box. Congratulations on having such a handsome son and lovely daughter in law.

When I grow up, I want to look just like that little flower girl.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

evil spock - Yes, I remember. You're a very metro dude.

hill - That flower girl knew ALL the dance moves. She was amazing.

Pam - They're old enough. Mid-Twenties.

Nancy - My son is going to make me a DVD of pics we took, then I'll save the best of them to the web and post a link.

I'm sure about the grandpa status. I wasn't ready, but I like it anyway.

Blueberry - Not sure the dance she was doing for the pic. But she danced almost every song, so I'm sure the macarena, electric slide, and the twist were covered. She even dance the slow songs with her Dad, Mom or sister.

Mary - Yes, Charlotte will be 5 hours closer drive than Virginia Beach, and it is booming town, so I might be making the move there as well.

Peacechick - When you grow up? I'm still waiting for that to happen to me, also.

supergirlest said...

aw!!!! they look so happy!!!!!!!!! i love love! and look at YOU! i ditto hill - handsomes, all the way 'round!

azgoddess said...

love the flower girl the best -- anyone that enjoys dancing that much is great in my book!! thanks for sharing the pics