November 25, 2007


I was very busy today, so this is all I got for my daily post.

I have been around many teenagers this long weekend, and I noticed that I have more in common with them than people my own age. (I'm more comfortable around them than the oldsters.) Scary! When will I grow up?

Music Appreciation: Teenagers - My Chemical Romance

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Mary said...

Please don't grow up.

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

I'm very comfortable with my 12-year-olds... ;-)

I prefer working with teens than adults. Teenagers complain less if you can believe that!

I get along with older people as well. I suppose being brought up by my grandparents contibutes to that.

At work, I don't really hang out with the younger crowd.. we simply don't relate.

What can I say, I'm an old soul..


Take care.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Mary - not planning on it

Nancy - The old people here are all scary conservative religous people, I stay away from them.

angry ballerina said...

I for one, this all teenagers are a waste of space and should be shot on sight.

angry ballerina said...