November 19, 2007

Don't Buy It

Black Friday is coming.

I think this day is named appropriately. It is when the darkness of the holiday spending season begins. The holiday shopping season, that sounds so dreadful to me. It actually began before Halloween this year, and will soon be a year long enticement to get people to buy things for people who have enough resources to get these items themselves if they wanted them. I will not accept any material goods during the winter festivals, but I will accept pictures, poems, songs, alliterations, haiku, or any gift requiring creative ways not to enrich any corporation.

I will celebrate black Friday as I always do, by participating in Buy Nothing Day.

Like last year, I will extend this honor to the whole weekend, perhaps the whole season.

I would like to start a movement, for people to boycott this whole holiday season until our Iraqi occupation is brought to an end. Buy Nothing Chr-stm-s has already been thought of at the same site as the Buy Nothing Day. I support this, but for a different reason. Peaceful Inaction, remember that?

What happened to my Chr-stm-s spirit? It was destroyed by a culture where the rich give to the rich, while the poor get poorer and receive none of the bounties of our land of plenty. Why has name of Christ been subverted into such evil? If it were done Christ's way, the poor would be the only ones getting gifts and receiving feasts. Am I wrong? Why don't the followers of the Christian idol act like they know anything about that man or his teachings? That would be a cause to celebrate.

Did you know you could use your mind to create bowls of rice, a few grains at a time, to feed the hungry, and become more intelligent while you did it. Play Free Rice, and see if you don't become addicted to this word quiz. It's all good, an addiction to feed the hungry.

Song: 99 Luftballons - Nena



Leanne Bryan said...

You may be interested to learn about Giving Tree. They're a company who makes debit gift cards. The neat thing about the gift card is that the recipient has to donate ten percent of the gift card amount to a nonprofit.

If more companies approached gift cards in this way, then maybe people would remember that Christmas is for giving, not receiving.

Mauigirl said...

I am so in agreement with your post. Christmas has been completely subverted from its original purpose.

Love the Rice game - very addictive. I got up to 280 grains of rice!

supergirlest said...

did you read my mind over on myspace? i think i actually posted these ditties up the same day also! lol!!!!

i'm with you. again. as always. makes me feel less alone in the world of karaland. :)