November 13, 2007

Recurring Dreams

I have recurring dreams.

It's not the same dream, but the situations in the dreams that are recurring.

Many of my dreams take place in High School. I'm guessing because we develop and expand much of brain capacity during these years, many of our dreams use these memories. I have many dreams from this time in life, not only is school the subject, but family, and relationships of this time.

The two situations that are recurring are: I cannot find my classroom, and I've forgotten my locker combination and can't get to my books or homework.

I believe dreams are just the result of how the brain works to store, recover, and use long term memories, and doesn't reveal some kind of mental state of the dreamer. However, the more traumatic the memory, the more vivid the dream. I still have dreams about my abusive step-mother, and having those dreams still make me rage against the way she treated me. I rarely have dreams about my birth mother, who I lived with until I was eleven.

There is another oddity about my dreams. I have been divorced for over seven years, but in my dreams, I'm almost always still with my ex-wife, and my kids are still teens.

I don't even know where to start to interpret what these are supposed to mean, if anything.

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azgoddess said...

wow - that is so interesting - as my dreams have nothing to do with the past but always the future...and most of them become truth...

check this out - it might help in understanding some of your dreams::

Mauigirl said...

The high school dream is a very prevalent recurring dream for many people.

I've had that one (and a variant where I'm trying to get to work and I'm late and I can't get there because all these obstacles keep coming up) and also the one where you suddenly remember you have a final exam for a test in a subject you completely forgot you took this semester and you've never studied it or gone to the classes.

These are classic anxiety dreams.

I've also had the "naked" dreams. Naked in the halls of the high school (or in pajamas in a more modest version) or naked at work, hoping no one will notice. Insecurity.

I also dream a lot about the house I grew up in. Even though my mother has now moved out of the house and we no longer own it, I often have dreams that I'm at that house with my parents in various scenarios.

Dreams are very interesting ways of processing our thoughts and worries.

I don't tend to dream about the future. Interesting that Azgoddess does! Maybe it's the "second sight"!