November 17, 2007

Must Post on Blog

So, I'm doing this "post everyday thing" on NaBloPoMo.

I'm sitting at the PC and I'm thinking "I don't want to post, I want to surf and listen to music". The OCD won't let me do anything until I finish this thing I signed up for, DAMN, I hate commitments. This is why I don't ever sign-up for activities, because I obsess over it until it is done.

What do I write about today? I got nothing for you.

I could tell you about another racing Saturday I have planned. These races are always updated, with results, at my Race Blog. After the Race I'm going to talk to my running buddies and try to get someone to join me for an additional 5.5 mile run in memory of Ryan Shay. This will not be a race, but a run at a easy pace, to remember a fellow runner.

Then I'm coming home, hopefully having lunch already, and taking a nap. I really enjoy napping. I have been a napper ever since high school, I just feel so much better in the afternoon after a good siesta. Maybe I wouldn't be so tired in the afternoon if I didn't get up so early, but I love the morning, and I find it impossible to sleep in, I have never understood how people do that.

Exciting, isn't it. If anything blog worthy happens during the race, I'll update the this post, if not, this is all you get today.

Some days, I have no deep thoughts. Just living.

Saturday Running Song: Heart of the Sunrise - Yes


Mary said...

I can relate to obsessing about things until they are done which is why the college apps for my daughter drives me nuts. I can't write the essays and get the portfolio together and its driving me crazy!!!!

Your run for Ryan is a nice thing.

cindra said...

I obsess too...

Good luck with that race!

Mauigirl said...

I feel your pain. Some nights I just feel like vegging out but with NaBloPoMo I can't. So I've been trying to blog earlier in the day than I usually do so that it is done!