November 15, 2007

Ipso Facto - Continued

More of the daily routine if a slightly OCD application developer in a production technical support position.......

11:00 - Eat Lunch at Desk while completing tasks, or surfing the Internet
12:30 - Make sure there's coffee for the Afternoon Coffee Break, if not, make it
13:00 - Afternoon coffee break: Coffee, Apple, 2 Mile walk (if weather is nice, and tasks are completed)
14:00 - Complete tasks or send out status.
15:00 - Drive Home. I hate traffic, I hate drivers who don't know what going on around them, I loath people talking on cell phones while driving. This is the worst time of my day, and the traffic isn't even bad here, but many idiots are on the road, anyway. On days I have to drive home in rush hour, I feel like suicide or causing massive destruction to anything within reach. (Believe it or not, I used to drive in D.C. traffic, Northern Virginia, I-95 from Dale City to the Pentagon. It didn't take long before I was using the slug lines, buses, and trains)
15:30 - 16:00 - Check personal email, blog, news, weather
16:00 - Tuesday and Thursday, afternoon run. Other days, Veg out, cook dinner, take a walk, or sit in park and watch neighbors fish while catching up on the local gossip.
17:00 - Dinner. I'm rarely late. Sometimes I can't wait and start early. I'm always hungry, and it's a struggle to wait for dinner on some days. I usually start dinner by watching the news, get bored and channel surf or watch part of a movie.
17:30 - Clean up, wash dishes (by hand, it's only me and I don't use that many dishes)

If you think that's the ultimate in boring dorkiness, just wait until I tell you about my hypo-exciting evening and non-stop weekend monotony, next week.

"Get Crazy with the Cheese-Whiz": Loser - Beck



cindra said...

I could definitely compete with you on days of boring dorkiness.

I do not like dealing with the stretch of highway around the community college with young people on cell phones and little driving experiencing being reckless. argh!

Blueberry said...

I love the song you just posted: Question by Moody Blues.