November 3, 2007

Saturday Routine

Today I'm heading out for a race.

On almost every other Saturday, I do a race. I do this to keep me focused on improving my running and to socialize with other running addicts like me.

I keep a blog of these races at niCk's Race Blog.

Today is the Vulcan Run, the RRCA National 10K Championship up in Birmingham, one of the most popular road races in Alabama. 10K is my favorite distance for running, because it usually incorporates an hour and a half to two hours of activity, from warm-ups, stretching to the race, which I can complete in about 50 minutes.

I won't be doing the Vulcan Run.

Normally, this is the run I would choose. I like to go to these championships just to mingle among the top runners in the United States. Some well-known Olympic athletes show up at these events, also.

The thing I don't like about the "big" races is the number of people. I don't enjoy being in crowds, or all the festivities after the race. I'm not a "party" person.

Instead, today I will be traveling to Beulah, Alabama to do two races to help raise money for the local High School Band. Beulah is a small back country community near the Georgia border, between Valley, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia. This will be my third visit to this High School to race. I have written about the wonderful people of this town before, in a post called Band Aid, when I did these same races last year

The race will be small, probably about 50-70 runners will participate, but the overwhelming welcome visitors get from these people will have me coming back for every race they hold. They demonstrate the sort of hospitality which is famous in the South, but lacking here in Montgomery.

Between the two races I will do in Beualh, and the driving. I will be busy all day. When I come home I will be tired and ready to veg out.

Today's music is Running One and Running Two
- from the Lola rennt (Run Lola Run) soundtrack.


mad said...

As I sit on the patio, guzzling beer and smokes, I'll be thinking of you.

cindra said...

You are amazing. I have cramps just reading about it. Good job!

Mauigirl said...

Hope you had a good day on your runs!